How long will it take to fix my car?
Transportation plays a big role in our everyday lives; we know. Being without your car can be a huge hassle. Repair work involves many steps and stages. Our process is designed for customer updates and quality check points so that we fix your car right the first time and get it back to you as soon as possible.

Do you have any Senior Citizen or Military Discounts?
We offer a 10% discount to Seniors over 65, and active Military or Military Veterans.

I don’t have a second car; do you have a loaner for me?
We can provide our collision and mechanical customers with transportation from Enterprise Rental. In some cases, the customer may opt to apply the savings from our 10% deductible program towards the Enterprise rental.

If there is a problem with my repair, will you stand behind it?
Without a doubt, we are proud of our 100% written lifetime guarantee and honor the repair against material and workmanship. Simply bring the vehicle back to us for review and inspection.

Can my insurance company force me to get my car repaired at a location they choose?
Your insurance company may suggest or recommend shops, but you have the right to have your vehicle repaired at the shop of your choice.

Is it true that I need to get multiple estimates to provide to my insurance company?
There is no law that requires you to get more than one estimate to satisfy an insurance company. If you choose to, for your own edification, the selected collision facilities should be writing a complete estimate of repairs needed, not leaving out areas so that they appear to be the lowest bid. A professional collision repair facility will negotiate prices, items to repair and the quality of parts used for you. Do not settle with an insurance company before having your vehicle inspected by a professional repair facility as it may disqualify you from receiving additional compensation if there is hidden damage.

Can I take my old parts back?
You are entitled by law to the return of the parts replaced, except those which are too heavy or large, and any parts required to be sent back to the manufacturer or distributor because of warranty work or a core exchange agreement. You are not obligated to take them, if interested you can inspect them.

How do I know what kind of parts my insurance company wants to use for my repairs?
You have a right to know if your insurance company is directing the repair facility to use Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts, aftermarket parts or salvage. The kind of parts used should be clearly noted on the estimate and thoroughly explained to you by your adjuster or estimator.

OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturer (genuine factory parts)
Aftermarket: New, not made by the original car maker
Salvage: Recycled parts from other vehicles